Physical Activity



  • Pilar key to accelerating weight loss and subsequent maintenance.
  • Increases energy expenditure, losing fat and gaining muscle mass.
  • The important thing is to practice physical activity. ES walks and exercise is no less important than jogging. Each patient knows his limits and gradually increase exercise in relation to weight loss and aerobic training you acquire.
  • Benefits cardiovascular functioning, increased ventilatory capacity, lower blood sugar levels, normalizes the value of cholesterol, blood pressure decreases.
  • Change is noted in many everyday situations that previously always implied "feeling restless" up and down stairs, turning in bed, talking while walking, showering and drying off, laugh and hold, carry a small bag of weight put on, walking a few blocks.
  • When practicing sport chemical mediators are released (endorphins) that improve mood and general welfare.
  • It is a way to begin to interact with other people again.